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Diesel Performance Division
Fuel Pins
Fuel Pins Dynamic Timing Advance Smoke Control Device
The pins are for '88-'93 Dodge Cummins or any engine with a Bosch VE injection pump. All pins have been hardened for long life.
# M2:
Stock drivability with more top end fuel than stock. Would work great for towing and at high altitude. Works great with a manual transmission. Smoke is very controllable this makes it work well for day-to-day towing / driving. When the work is done just go play.
# M3:
Medium fast pin allows slightly more mid range fuel than the M2 pin.
# M4:
Fast fuel pin allows maximum fuel nearly right away.
# M5:
Very fast fueling pin. Allows full fuel right away. We call it the play pin.
Price on request.
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